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Backpacking Guatemala

my Overview


This page is my overview of backpacking Guatemala, covering the country, some tips, general things to know, transport and accommodation options, general costs and my experience of the country.

Not only is Guatemala seeped in Mayan history but it’s color and vibrancy will just captivate you. Guatemala is a true backpacker experience from the rain forests and Mayan temples in the north to the Volcanoes in the south. (Which many are very active still)

However that’s not all this vibrant country has to offer, Guatemala is basically a playground for the adventurous with two-thirds of the country covered in mountains there are so many hidden gems that will make you feel like Indiana Jones.

Travel through Guatemala and you will discover mountains, jungles, Mayan temples and ruins, caves, sinkholes, caverns, underground rivers, amazing waterfalls, active volcanoes and amazing people who still live in traditional ways. But, if you’re not looking for adventure and just want to relax through your time, don’t worry Guatemala is quite slow-paced and there are some amazing lakes you can relax on.

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How to fund and sustain long-term budget travel

Just how is it possible?


Here’s how the conversation usually goes:

Fellow traveler: Ah, you’re a long-term budget traveler, me too.

Me: Nice, how long have you been on the road for?

Fellow traveler: I’ve been traveling for 7 months on this trip, It’s nearly time to go home and back to work. What about you how long have you been traveling for?

Me: A little bit longer, I’ve been traveling since 2010.

Fellow traveler: Ah, so you must be like me, go home, work and travel again?

Me: No actually I slow budget travel, I just roam the world.

Fellow traveler: WHAT! HOW?…Is that even possible? How can you sustain and fund long-term budget travel like that?

It’s a conversation I’ve had on a regular basis and a question on so many lips. It’s something that pops up not just with other travelers but with friends back home and even family members. Some people just can’t fathom how long-term budget travel is sustainable.

So how can you sustain long-term budget travel?


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from novice solo backpacker to seasoned budget traveler


I started as a wide-eyed novice solo backpacker, I’ve seen, done and experienced so much. I’ve partied and drank (a lot) with the best of them, I’ve had my ups, downs and everything in between, been in situations, been happy, sad, angry depressed but wouldn’t change a single minute.

From that wide-eyed novice solo backpacker I’ve evolved, learnt so much, grown (not in height) to become a seasoned solo budget traveler.

So if you’re planning your first trip and feel under-prepared, anxious not knowing what to expect or think you’re walking into this blind; don’t worry. Let me assure you we were all in your position at one point. I can honestly tell you even with all the research and planning I did before my first trip I wasn’t prepared.

Novice solo backpacker:

Before my first trip, I had done tons of research, planned everything to the tee, there was a picture in my head of what it was going to be like but the reality was different. You see when you plan and research most of the time you’re shown all the awesome places to go and see, top 10 things to do, places to eat and all that cool stuff. However you don’t really get told what It’s going to be like on a day to day basis; that you have to figure out when you get there.

Not pre-warned.

None of my research back then had told me about the possibility of getting stuck in one place longer than I anticipated, or how an iron clad plan can change on a whim. Nor did it prepare me for times when I would run out of money and have to work to sustain my travels, It didn’t pre-warn me that there would be a likely chance of partying so much as a first time solo backpacker.

Incidentally I fell into the trap so many first time backpackers do when they arrive in Sydney and decide to stay in Kings cross; party like there is no tomorrow.
Don’t worry I’m not saying this will happen to you, not every novice solo backpacker will get stuck in one place for 6 months and forget they were there to travel and not party everyday away (although it might happen to some of you). That was my starting point all those years ago; I’ve evolved as a traveler since then.

Here are some things that may help you for your journey into the world of solo budget traveling.


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Backpacking through Mexico

My overview


I’m guessing most people think of Mexico and think Aztec and Mayan ruins, Chichen Itza, Cancun and tequila. Maybe it’s American students going wild on spring break or old dusty western style towns full of bandits and gun slingers or drug cartels or the infamous El Chapo…

…Well, Yeah, you’re right, they do have all that but let me tell you there is so much more to this country. Mexico is a huge shiny jewel for backpackers, it’s just one of those countries that has a sprinkling of everything and you can’t help but fall in love with it. What tickles your fancy? …Amazing food? Incredible landscape? Pristine beaches? A Journey into history? Adventure? A vast wilderness? Dense jungles?

Everything you are looking for in a budget backpacking trip; you will find it in Mexico. From start to finish it amazed me everyday. There are some countries you can travel to once and say you’ve been there and done it all. Mexico is the opposite, I spent nearly 3 months traveling through Mexico and still don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface.


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Making friends

traveling Solo


Obviously you might have some concerns about making friends, let’s face it at the end of the day not everybody oozes with confidence to just to step into a new environment and make friends straight away. As a long-term solo traveler let me ease your concerns by assuring you, no matter what your personality or character making friends traveling solo is not difficult. The question isn’t if you will make friends but more, what type of friends you will make.


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