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Why it suits me!

Since I dipped my toe into this world of blogging, I’ve been reading a lot more posts than I normally would and a hell of a lot of them are about solo traveling. Most of them are about ‘why you should only solo travel’, ‘how awesome solo traveling is’ or ‘how hard it’ is or ‘5 reasons to solo travel! and so on and so on…

Before I go any further let me say this – No matter what you read, there is no right or wrong way of traveling, you travel how you feel best and how you want to. This post isn’t me saying my way is the only way to travel, I’m writing why it works for me…The beauty of traveling is you see and do things the way you want to.

Solo traveling is how I’ve travelled for the majority of my 5 and a half years around the world. I have traveled in a group, I’ve traveled with friends but I prefer to travel solo. Don’t get me wrong now, It’s not like I just love my own company, well I do amuse myself most of the time but I also have demons inside me so I can’t be alone for too long or they like to come out. I’m a bit of an enigma like that, I like my own company but I don’t, I don’t have to be around people but I do, I’m quite a closed off and private person but I’m not. Only the people that really know me will understand what I mean.

The reason I solo travel is that I can do everything on my own terms, in my own time and how I want to – The only person I need to compromise with is myself and that’s hard enough at times!

“You’re so brave to travel alone”…”it must be daunting to travel by yourself”…”It must get so lonely traveling by yourself”…”just the thought of going somewhere by myself puts me off”…”I could never travel by myself” …”How do you do it”?…”It must be so hard?”

Those are just some of the things that get put to me about solo traveling and to answer that last question, it’s as hard or easy as I make it. What I mean is, if I want to be sociable and want to make friends I put myself out there, If I don’t then I step away and close myself off. In the past I’ve made friends straight away at the reception desk of a hostel, and other times I’ve kept myself away from people depending on my mood.

FOR THE REST OF THIS POST PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG AT Solo traveling - why it suits me!

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the Mystical Machu Picchu


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Every traveler has their favorite spot

I'm missing Neverland

Do you ever get those days, or moments when you think back to a specific place you visited and your brain just transports you back there? Do you lose all sense of being as it brings a smile to your face because your nose is taking in those familiar smells and you can even feel the air?

Well that’s just happened to me. I was actually putting the finishing touches to the blog I was about to post (which has now been replaced by this one) but I have to switch it and talk about this now. My brain works like this sometimes; off the cuff, sporadic, forget what I planned an idea pops into my head and I run with it – I’ll warn you in advance I have no idea what journey I’m taking you on today. So take a seat and enjoy.

Neverland…Have you ever been there? If you have you know where I’m talking about. If you haven’t then you don’t know what you’re missing out on but don’t worry I’ll tell you little bit about it.

You may have experienced its magical charm, been lost in bubble, heard others talk about this mystical place that’s just too good to be true or never heard of it. Where is this place I talk of you ask? Well depending where in the world you are, it could be a short plane ride, or the longest flight you ever take. For me, at the time, it was just a short hop and a skip. However if I was to go there now from England, I’d have to fly to the far reaches, to the edge of the world. (Yes the world is round shh)

Please come and read the rest of this entry at missing neverland

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Uyuni salt flats - Bolivia

my trip through the Bolivian salt flats

video of my trip through the Bolivan Salt flats in Uyuni

link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

or press here to view

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New Youtube video

Uyuni salt flats - bolivia - Comic book style

Smoking hot new youtube vid of my trip to the salt flats in Bolivia - Done this vid in a comic book style, come and check it out - like, share like wildfire, comment, subscribe to my channel -


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