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Backpacking Bali solo

My overview


This page will cover backpacking Bali, how to get around, accommodation options, general costs, hints, tips, insights and my general overview.

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What do you get if you throw all all that together?…No idea? I’ll tell you….You would get Bali!

Probably the most famous of the 17,508 Indonesian Islands. This island is a budget backpackers dream and a hotbed for tourists all year round.


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Solo traveling FAQ's

Your questions answered


It’s happened to all of us with that first foray into traveling solo – Once that initial adrenaline wears off, the questions just start popping like a popcorn frenzy.
Your friends and family start asking questions you just don’t have the answers to; the how’s, what’s and where’s. The anxiety of traveling solo kicks in and you start to feel overwhelmed and you start wondering if you’ve made the right decision. Don’t worry this page is here for you, to ease your mind and answer those niggling questions.

It doesn’t matter how long you travel for the same questions about traveling solo will pop up. I’ve been traveling solo and living around the world since 2010 still get asked the same questions.


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Backpacking Cambodia

My version of a guide


So you’re thinking of backpacking Cambodia but not sure what else there is to see and do except for Angkor wot?

Before you go, It’s worth while brushing up on a little history; more specifically about Khmer rouge regime. I wish I knew more before I traveled there. Why?

Cambodia is famous for and mainly known to the outside world for it’s Ancient temples like Angkor wot. However not many know about the hideous civil war stricken past run by the delusional tyrant Pol Potts and the Khmer Rouge. Traveling through Cambodia will pull on your emotions but will some brilliant highs too.

This is a country seeped in history, war and genocide and it will take you on an emotional ride. It’s one of the most underdeveloped and poorest countries in South East Asia but it’s a country looking to the future and not living in fear of the past. Due to it’s past you would forgive the locals if they were angry, or hateful but that’s not the case, Cambodians are some of the most charming and friendliest people I have ever come across.

The country itself has so much wonder to it, amazing coastal lines, incredible landscape, sleepy towns, magical ancient ruins that take you back into time and surprisingly a great nightlife.

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Solo traveling

Why it suits me



“You’re so brave to travel alone”…”It must be daunting to travel by yourself”…”You must get so lonely solo traveling”…”Just the thought of going somewhere by myself puts me off”…”I could never travel by myself” …”How do you do it?”…”It must be so hard!”
These are just some of the things that have been put to me about solo traveling over the years. The thing is, it’s not just me but every solo traveler I know has had the same or similar said to them.

Not another solo traveling post!
Since I dipped my toes into this world of blogging, I’ve been reading a lot more posts than I normally would and a of a lot of them are about solo traveling. A lot of them are, ‘Why you should only solo travel.’, ‘Solo traveling is the only way to travel.’, ‘How awesome solo traveling is.’ ‘The ultimate guide to why solo travel is the best.’ or ‘5 reasons to solo travel!’…So on and so on…

Before I go any further let me say this – This is not one of them, nobody should tell you how to travel, you should travel how you feel best to. There is no right or wrong way to travel. At the end of the day solo traveling isn’t for everybody, some prefer to travel in groups, with friends or even with family. And that is just fine.

This post is not me saying my way is the best, I’m just writing why and how it works for me…That’s the beauty of traveling, you do it your way.


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Backpacking Laos

My version of a guide




Sleepy as the Mekong river, stepping into Laos was like stepping into land that time forgot. While Thailand is geared towards and catered to tourism Laos is still getting used to tourists wanting to come to this majestic country.

I once watched a documentary by Anthony Bourdain about Laos (Watch it here) and it intrigued me so much, right there and then I wanted to backpack Laos. This was a completely off the grid place to travel. He described it as mysterious and I wanted – No; I needed to experience that myself! Laos did not disappoint; I loved this country. Yes, it’s not developed like Thailand nor commercially overrun by western franchises but there is just this charm about it and you can’t help fall in love with the place.


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