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backpacking Thailand

My version of a guide




This page is my overview of backpacking Thailand, covering the country, some tips, general things to know, transport and accommodation options, general costs and my overall experience.

What can I possibly say about Thailand that hasn’t been said a thousand times before?

Thailand is the backpacker super highway, every backpacker travels through it at least once. I know long-term travelers who have been multiple times and never had the same experience, they never get bored of it, as it’s constantly evolving.

Sure maybe today it can be considered as too commercial. The ‘cliche’ backpacker country where once upon a time travelers went to discover this once mystical land but now it’s a commercial tourist trap overrun by western enterprises. And, there is an argument for that. It is over crowded with tourists, everything is geared towards tourists, there are way too many souvenir shops and way too many tours offering the ‘authentic travel experience’ that Thailand once had. But Thailand will always attract backpackers no natter how many ‘Starbucks’ and ‘McDonald’s’ appear, it will still still appeal to backpackers.

Why though? because this crazy, chaotic, vibrant Country has it all; from the unbearable humidity of Bangkok to the paradise beaches of the south to the jungles in the north. Thailand is a backpacker haven, whatever type of trip, whatever you’re looking for, whatever your purpose – you will find it here. It doesn’t matter how commercial it get’s in the future Thailand will always have it’s charm and diversity.


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Backpacking Australia: East coast -

My overview



Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi, oi oi! ….

Backpacking the East Coast of Australia is…Well in a nutshell, a party; it’s a booze filled binge up or down the coast.

The East coast is the most popular and heavily backpacked coast which contains most of what Australia is famous for; it’s a well trodden booze filled beaten path. Home to cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, stunning beaches, exotic animals, famous landmarks, Incredible islands, world wonders, the great barrier reef, and even rain-forests.

As a backpacker in Australia you’re just as likely to go on an all day booze cruise as you much as you visit an attraction, seeing and doing things becomes secondary to partying. In fact most tours incorporate booze into their trips; select from a number party boats to take you out to the Whitsundays, booze out to the great barrier reef, go on a castaway trip and sit around a fire in the middle of nowhere with a crate of cheap beer or a box of goon.

You might be thinking I’m painting a false picture of but you ask anybody who’s backpacked the East coast and see if they tell you any different!


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planning solo budget travel part 2

learning from my mistakes



Is anybody looking to travel for the first time but not sure where to start with planning or researching your trip?
Or are you already a traveler but wants to streamline your planning?

Come and check out this post...

This is a continuation of part 1

Part 2 covers:

Searching Accommodation.
Researching and booking flights.
Travel insurance.
Researching getting from airport/bus station to Accommodation.


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planning solo budget travel

learning from 6 years of traveling



Planning solo budget travel but fed up irreverent and detached information?…Well I’m here to help.

Before we go any further though, I need to stress this is not another ‘ultimate guide to solo budget travel‘ or ‘my way of planning solo budget travel is perfect‘ post.

So…you want to travel the world? Planning a solo budget trip but not sure where to start? Have you gone out bought your world map and stuck pins in all the destinations you want to see? Got stacks of travel guide books? Have you sat at your laptop full of excitement and wonder ready to research your trip; only to find yourself wading through useless information that’s just not relevant?


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Getting used to them

Hey guys,

I have a brand new post, useful to anybody who's about to go on your first trip and a bit worried about hostels and what to expect from them ...

Check out this post, it will help ease some worried

hostel life

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