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Budget travel planning aid pt2

A Step by step frame work to help structure your planning


Although we might not be able to travel just yet with the global pandemic and lockdowns all over the world, you might be looking to start planning and researching trips for when we can spread our wings again.

Part 2 continues where part 1 left off: in this post we cover finding the right travel insurance (If you choose to get it) things to see and do, tours vs independent travel, bookings, re-adjusting your budget, useful websites and apps, and some personal tips

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Budget travel planning aid

A step by step framework to help structure your planning

This budget travel planning aid is here to give you a structure, to give you an idea of where and how to start. It will aid you, step by step from start to finish however you don’t have to follow every step. Like I mentioned, the more you travel, the more streamlined your own process of travel planning will get.

This structure from initial research to arriving at my accommodation has been my framework and helped me maintain long term budget backpacking since 2010. As my travel planning and research has become more streamlined, there are times I need to follow the steps and times I can skip most of them but I know this framework has me covered.

The difference between planning itineraries & research
It’s funny, before that first trip back in 2010, like I said I spent months travel planning thinking I had everything covered, only to find out I didn’t. It was only once I was actually traveling I found out how perception changes, things happen, situations and circumstances chance and plans and itineraries well, they can go up in smoke. It was only then I realised the difference in over planning and having itineraries to researching well.

Long term budget backpackers have a golden rule – PLAN LOOSE, RESEARCH THOROUGHLY!

What’s the difference?
The difference is knowing about the things you might want to see, do and experience and having knowledge of your destination to having it planned and booked out.

For example, imagine if you overplan, have things booked and have a packed itinerary, you’re basically ticking off one thing after another without room to maneuver. Before you start traveling you might not think there’s anything wrong with that. However once you start traveling you realise things work differently, you might want to do things differently, circumstances and situations change but with your itinerary those things don’t fit and you either stick to your travel plan or it goes up in smoke.

On the other hand, if you have loose travel plans or none at all but have researched well, you have the flexibility to change your direction, to stay in places longer, to add things you might not have known about before hand. There is more chance of spontaneity and you are more flexible.

TIP: keep your travel plans and itineraries loose, it will help prolong your trip; there is just no need to cram your itinerary if you’re backpacking long term. You will get burn out and run out of money quickly if you do.

With that said let’s dive into your step by step long term budget travel planning aid (< ERROR: the link title is too long!)Your text to link here...

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over 100 useful backpacker websites

Websites and Apps to help before and during your journey, all on one page

Need some useful travel websites for your backpacking trip?
This useful travel websites page is for your convenience, to give you easy access to over 100 sites and apps that will come in handy during your backpacking trip

I know what It’s like, trawling through the internet to look for not just useful travel websites but the right type for backpackers. So much time can get wasted, searches after searches, and being a long term backpacker myself I know how a lot of the times we need sites at our fingertips. So that’s why I decided to put all the sites and apps we need on one page.

The useful travel websites on this page are all carefully sought out, they’re sites I’ve used, come across or been told about by other backpackers. They cover everything from planning and researching, lists of budget airlines all over the world, websites for accommodation, useful travel websites for transport, travel insurance companies. There are useful travel websites and apps for things you’ll need in your everyday backpacking life.

Some of these useful travel websites and apps you may already know about, some might be game changers for you as they were for me, some you’ll wish you knew about earlier. Whatever backpacker and useful travel website you need either for budget, solo or long term backpacking will be listed here. However if there are some you know about which you don’t find, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

Find out the useful backpacker websites listed on the page here (< ERROR: the link title is too long!)Find out the useful backpacker websites listed on the page here

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Longterm backpackers losing sight of....



But why go Longterm backpacking in the first place?

Before we get into this post, let’s just answer a couple of questions. Why go longterm backpacking instead of just taking holidays or multiple trips through a year like normal people do? What possesses people to pack up, quit their everyday lives, their jobs, give up their homes and leave friends and family behind to roam the world?

Well, there’s a plethora of reasons, each longterm backpacker has their own. Some people simply can’t afford to travel any other way. It actually works out cheaper to go longterm backpacking than take shorter, multiple breaks.

There’s other reasons, and let’s be honest here: there are those that are running away from their problems or go searching for something. Then there’s those old clichés of ‘going to find themselves’, or to ‘find spiritual enlightenment’. Some people just do it to discover and to explore, but a lot of us do it to break free. To break free of those shackles society deems as normal life.

  • *Fuck that shit, I’m off to roam the world!**

There are those of us that just can’t do normal life asit’s dictated to us. We can’t do the whole routine, the crappy Monday to Friday9 to 5, grow up, drown in dept, your whole life is to pay bills, It’s justcomplete bollox to us. Some people can’t comprehend our way of thinking andseeing life but at the same time we can’t comprehend being boxed up innormality.

So what do we do? We find a way to escape it, find a way out.


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Backpacker hostel etiquette

Dont be the hostel...


Hostel Duechebag!..

Did you even know there is backpacker hostel etiquette?
Let me guess, the first you said as you read the title was “hold up it’s a hostel what the hell is backpacker hostel etiquette?”

Well that’s the thing, so many first-time backpackers have no idea of those unwritten hostel rules and definitely don’t have a clue about backpacker hostel etiquette. So, Forever Roaming the World will give you an idea of what to expect.

Backpacker hostel connoisseur

Backpacker hostels have pretty much been my choice of accommodation since I first started backpacking way back in 2010. I’ve stayed in all types of hostels all over the world. When It comes to hostels, shit I may as well be a hostel connoisseur.

Backpacker Hostel Etiquette:

Why are backpacker hostels my preferred choice of accommodation? Because hostels can be much more than just a place to sleep. They have been essential to my traveling life; they have been hubs for me. They’ve provided me with much needed comfort and sense of home at times and of course there’s the social side.

If you didn’t know, backpacker hostels are great places to make friends and meet other backpackers. They can be social hubs, providing events, parties, tours, and even work when you need it. But above all they can just be a fun place to relax, let your hair down and forget about everything for a while. But you do have to be aware of Backpacker Hostel Etiquette.

There are written, unwritten rules and there is backpacker hostel etitquette, but you need to keep an open mind

This might sound a little contradicting but of course most hostels will come with a set of guidelines or rules to follow. You will find them printed up all around the place and be made aware of them by staff on checkout. However a lot of the times those written rules are mostly loose guidelines to follow. The rules you really have to pay attention to are the unwritten rules. Those unwritten rules are were you have to keep an open mind. Why? Because yes, those rumours you might have heard are true.


Carry on reading Backpacker hostel etiquette

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